‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: What would you do with a drunken sailor?

The latest -When “The Big Bang Theory” returns to CBS with new episodes on Thursday, September 26, we are going to be getting an opportunity to see a very different side of Leonard. For one, he’s going to be aboard Stephen Hawking’s boat, which is hardly his usual environment of sitting in front of a TV set with Chinese food nearby. Also, he’s going to be in an environment that is very much a social experiment in itself. You’re on a boat with a small group of people, and eventually, the shipmate version of Stockholm syndrome could set in. People who you can’t stand could eventually become your friends, and even if you’re in a relationship, you may start to have a wandering eye.

Before you start playing some dramatic music in the background, we’re not saying that Leonard cheats on Penny. Rather, E! News reports that when Penny and Sheldon contact Johnny Galecki’s character early on this season, they are going to discover that his routine consists of partying with multiple women (which likely includes plenty of alcohol), and also a little bit of science mixed in.

Not the typical Leonard, right? Well, this is what being at sea can do to a man. Leonard will be out at sea for at least some stretch of time early this season, and we like to draw the parallel between this and what we saw from Howard in space during last season; eventually, he did come back to California, and there were a number of problems waiting for him almost immediately. Leonard will also have plenty of explaining to do.

As excited as we are for this, we’ll be honest: What really has us excited right now is the prospect of seeing Raj talking with women on a regular basis, and what sort of trouble is going to come with that.

Photo: CBS

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