‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: Felicity Smoak romance scoop!

Felicity Smoak -Oliver / Felicity fans, you’ve been waiting for it … and now, here’s some more evidence that the two characters could get together at some point on “Arrow” season 2. Could. It’s hardly something to make you get up and do a happy dance, but the idea of something happening here is far and away better than nothing happening at all.

So why is there a reason to have hope here? It mostly has to do with Felicity at least assessing whether or not she may have feelings for the man otherwise known as “The Hood” (tentatively), even if he is quite the Lothario in real life when it comes to women chasing after him. Just take a look at what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has to say per Entertainment Weekly for evidence:

“I think a part of Felicity’s arch this season is realizing that she can enunciate her feelings for Oliver — not necessarily to Oliver, but you know, I think she’s going to be dealing with that.”

However, Kreisberg also teased that there could be someone else this season who turns out to be a love interest; we’re currently thinking that this is a new character, given that Roy Harper is spoken for, but Diggle has made some of his affections known as well. (We wonder: Any Diggle / Felicity shippers out there? Could be a fun pairing.)

Just in case this entire situation was not complicated enough, remember that this is Oliver Queen that we’re talking about here. Even if he is not with Laurel at the start of the season (which is up in the air to a certain degree), there will always be at least one other person out there with a clear interest.

Let’s throw the question out to you: Are you pro-Olicity, or are you rooting for more for someone else to end up with Oliver in the end? As always, we want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out some other news related to “Arrow,” including some scoop about that exciting Flash spin-off idea, just be sure to click here.

Photo: The CW

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