ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: The early days of Olivia and Fitz

What's next? -In following some of the early teases that are out there already about “Scandal” season 3, there is one thing that we have learned: After being in the dark about it for so long, we’re finally going to have some more details about Olivia Pope. Specifically, these are going to come via the days prior to Fitz being elected as President … which were certainly shady in their own right. It’s nice that the writers have not been tempted to go with an origin story angle for much of the year so far, but this does seem like the perfect time to go share it.

Speaking to TV Guide, Darby Stanchfield suggests that when it comes to these flashbacks (which come in the first two episodes of the season), what we will be learning is that some things about their background are going to drastically change to what we originally thought we knew:

“We find out answers to things we thought we already knew, but they’re totally not like you think.”

These flashbacks will be supplemented by the story in the present, which is going to continue working very hard to answer one all-important question: Who in the world ratted out Olivia about the affair? The only likely thing that we know right now is that it wasn’t Mellie who was behind it, and that the real answer will be revealed pretty early on. This is not going to be a show to dangle a carrot in front of you for so long that the carrot starts to become rotten.

Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping to see from these “Scandal” backstories? If you do want to check out some more news related to the show, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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