‘Big Brother 15’ review: Is McCrae and Amanda’s showmance over?

McCrae is getting frustrated with Amanda -This week has been pretty much a guarantee that if Candice doesn’t win the veto, she’s going home. Even Jessie’s epic fight where she put Amanda on blast for being a big bully didn’t put a big enough target on her back to get her out as long as Candice stays on the block, so this veto is more important then ever before.

MVP Paranoia: The paranoia is still running rampant in the house and many people still feel that it’s America voting… except for Amanda who couldn’t fathom why America would put her on the block since she thinks she’s an angel. America voted for Amanda to once again be the 3rd nominee and she is completely confused as to why she keeps getting put on the block (McCrae is not surprised because her attitude has made her a huge target.)

Is McCranda over?: In the HOH room Amanda gets upset that McCrae is sitting beside Jessie so she asks him to come by her and he says no, starting a fight. McCrae feels that her attitude is making things difficult for his game. The more she talks, the more McCrae shuts down and he realizes that if he breaks things off with her that she will go crazy making things in the game really bad for him. Amanda is asking everyone to use the veto on her and Aaryn gets upset when Amanda pushes GinaMarie to use the veto on her. McCrae does some damage control telling GinaMarie not to use the veto on Amanda (since Aaryn is part of their alliance and it’s ruffling feathers for no reason) and now Amanda feels that McCrae isn’t supporting her and doesn’t understand why he’s supporting Aaryn over her.

Veto: In the loudest veto announcement ever, we have GinaMarie, Spencer, Jessie, Candice, Amanda and Judd all playing this week. At the competition the veto players  have to throw frogs at lily pad targets and the person with the lowest points is out. When they go out they get to pick a “prize”, but as each person is eliminated they can take a prize from another player or keep what they have. GinaMarie was out first, pulling the veto out right away, but she didn’t keep it for long and Jessie ended up winning it. Some of the other prizes were: GinaMarie wearing a dog cone for 48 hours, Amanda has 48 hours of spray tanning (every hour on the hour), Candice has to wear a clowny-tard for a week and Judd got $5000. What was interesting was how Candice tried to stir the pot (during the veto competition) by telling Judd that Amanda is telling the house that he is MVP. Amanda over hears it and starts throwing out derogatory comments towards Candice and the fight just escalates when neither of them will stop antagonizing each other. Helen and McCrae are starting to really worry about Amanda since she can’t keep her mouth shut and is painting a huge target on her back (and theirs).

Post veto: McCrae is furious at Amanda for mouthing off to Candice. He tells her that she’s “stupid” for being a bully and needs to keep quiet because she’s on the block. Aaryn tells GinaMarie that Elissa was campaigning to keep Candice in the game (even though she wasn’t at that point) and Helen has to work her magic with GinaMarie to keep Elissa safe.

Jessie obviously used the veto on herself and GinaMarie decided to put up Spencer in her place with the target still on Candice for eviction.

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Photo: CBS

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