‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: The tougher side of Tara

The road ahead -Despite everything that has been said about “Sons of Anarchy” season 6, we still know shockingly little about the plot. Much of that is of course by design, given that the whole goal of the story is to shock and surprise.

All we are here to say is that when it comes to some survival skills of Maggie Siff’s character of Tara, we are going to see them rev up it into high gear again very early this season. TVLine reports that we will see a side of her that does bear a certain amount of similarity to how we saw her behave around a certain madam on the show last year, but there’s little word as to who else could be involved in it.

It is always safe to assume that any and all Tara scenes from early in the season are going to take place from behind the prison walls, but when you consider shifts in time or whatever scheme Jax may have up his sleeve, who is to say that she will stay there? Just expect in general a more rigid side to the character, as she is someone who has clearly been through the wringer in the past several years of her life, and has evolved now to a point where she is not going to be particularly inclined to take any heat from anyone.

Oh, and you’re also going to see a character’s bare behind in the premiere. You’re welcome, and that’s all we’re saying.

In case you are looking for some more lighthearted “Sons of Anarchy” fare (as strange as that feels to write), take a look at the link here, where you can see a “Sesame Street” video that has already earned the praises of show creator Kurt Sutter.

Photo: FX

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