‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Chris Colfer says Adam Lambert will be ‘nemesis’

New scoop -Who knew that Chris Colfer would know more about Adam Lambert’s role on “Glee” than even Adam Lambert did? We just heard from the former “American Idol” star this week say that he really doesn’t have a clue yet as to what sort of role he is going to end up playing on the show, but we now have a clue … and it could be a pretty villainous role.

Speaking to Michael Strahan and guest-host Erin Andrews this week on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” this week, Colfer explained that Adam is going to be some sort of “nemesis” to his own part of Kurt. We wonder if that is going to take place within the world of NYADA, or if there is going to be some other sort of struggle from the outside world that finds them two characters at odds. Regardless, Adam’s sure to love playing this sort of character, especially since we no longer seemingly have Kate Hudson’s Cassandra July to look to as the token villain in New York City. (From our understanding, that was just a gig for last year.)

Meanwhile, Colfer also expressed his own serious hope that interacting with Adam allows for Kurt to show off more of his “mean” side; while nobody else seems to want to see it, this is probably something that would be fun as an actor to play. Who knows? Maybe his ego starts to balloon a little bit now that he’s found a school that he feels comfortable with, and also people around him that accept him for him. But this probably won’t happen, given that young Klaine shippers would likely storm the streets in revolt. (Ryan Murphy’s probably worried enough about that as it is following last season.)

As we said yesterday, we will probably not see any of Adam until the November episodes, thanks largely to the show taking a hiatus following the Cory Monteith tribute, which will be one of the only three episodes that air before the fall baseball break.

Photo: Fox, video via Mjsbigblog

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