‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Jessie’s backbone puts her on Helen’s radar

Can Jessie make a move? -In some ways, it is very hard to not admire what Jessie is at least trying to do in the “Big Brother” house this week. Is she going to actually be successful in flipping the house? Probably not, but she has decided that she would rather swing for the fences than make it a few weeks to the jury and go home. She was never going to win the game being a follower, and at least this way she gets to show viewers that there’s more to her then just being a floater.

Basically, Jessie has pitched today to almost everyone valuable who will listen (including Helen and Judd) about a possible plan to get rid of Amanda, who she feels is the source of the drama in the house right now and also is in control of things. Elissa may be willing to go along with it, but Helen and Judd, despite growing closer to her, still aren’t budging. All the while, Jessie is putting herself in a position where she has to win Head of Household if she has any hope of surviving past this week.

Helen told Jessie that she will vote with the house, but the reason that she won’t get rid of Amanda is that she knows that as long as Amanda is around, there’s a bigger target protecting her among the ladies. Jessie, Candice, and Spencer are all on an island right now. She also knows that Aaryn and GinaMarie are on her side for now, and they can be dealt with later.

After Jessie’s latest attempts to stir the pot, Judd and Helen exchanged some notes and once again realized that they are being set up to be pitted against each other by Jessie in an effort to get rid of Elissa … but it’s not working. This is going to be a very interesting double-eviction Thursday, only because if Jessie wins it, she can do something big. If she loses it, she’s going to have a hard time staying out of trouble.

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Photo: CBS

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