‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 4 review: Tatu Baby, Ally Lee struggle with machines

Who was eliminated on Ink Master -Season 3 of “Ink Master” has been explosive so far. We’ve seen more fights in the first 3 episodes of this season then we have probably seen during the first two seasons combined. There are a couple of contestants that seem to be way more interested in stirring the pot then actually focusing on winning (we are looking at you Joshua).

Tonight on “Ink Master”, Jime started the night off by fighting with Joshua (shocker!) about not giving him the new school tattoo in the last challenge, but Joshua told him that he’s not going to hand him a golden gun to take him down with.

For the flash challenge we were subjected to not only product placement, but Matt Damon’s new film and this was worked into the tattoo challenge by making the contestants focus on line work by tattooing barcodes. Not only that but they also have to assemble their own tattoo machine and right away Tatu Baby bit off all her nails in order to work with the small parts. While many of the artists got their machines together, Tatu Baby, and Ally Lee just couldn’t get their machines working. So who came out on top and won the flash challenge? Craig won by a mile and this guy is easily the front runner to win this whole show.

Craig had the advantage tonight in the elimination challenge and was able to hand out the canvases to the artists and just like the flash challenge it was all about lines focusing on a Celtic  tattoo. Craig tried to give Joshua what he thought was a tough tattoo, but he felt that a Celtic starfish wasn’t really much of a challenge at all. Tatu Baby and Ally Lee were feeling the pressure to perform, because they failed at the flash challenge, but it seems that the pressure really got to Ally Lee.

At the judging panel we were totally crazy about Jackie and Tatu Baby’s tattoos (Steam Punk Celtic? Amazing!) When the judges praised Joshua’s tattoo, he had no problem throwing Jime under the bus and he was seriously upset when they went back to the loft to wait for the judges results. Jime told Joshua off and even though he apologized, Jime really wasn’t having it.

At elimination Joshua, Jason, Ally Lee and Joey were called to the judging panel and Joshua and Joey were the top, but the win went to Joshua. The human canvas jury voted Ally Lee as the worst tattoo of the day and the judges agreed sending her home. The best part was watching Joshua tried to hug her on the way out and her pushing him off of her.

Do you think that Ally Lee was the right person to home tonight on “Ink Master” season 3? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Spike TV

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