‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 10 preview: What will ‘A’ do to Toby next?

What's next? -Are you starting to feel rather bad for Toby? Last season on “Pretty Little Liars,” Keegan Allen’s character was almost thrown into the villain role as we saw a dark, dastardly side to the man that was at one point sweet and likable. He was working, after all, for “The A Team”! But then, the picture started to become clearer, and he was more of a protector than a supervillain at heart.

Unfortunately, “A” / Red Coat has been out for payback almost ever since his true allegiances were first declared, and that is going to bleed over into what we see moving forward. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the synopsis below for next week’s all-new episode.

“Emily is taken aback when Mrs. Dilaurentis offers to let her move into Ali’s old room and is even more distraught when the other Liars insist she take Mrs. D up on her offer. Hanna explodes when it appears her mother’s recent good fortune has taken a turn for the worse. And Ezra continues to reel from Maggie’s big news when he’s dealt an even more crushing blow regarding his son. Meanwhile, Aria makes an effort to get involved in Jake’s (Ryan Guzman) interests and finds herself with an opportunity to follow up on a lead. And ‘A’ continues to toy with Toby’s emotions regarding his mother’s death, and Spencer is along for the ride.”

Don’t expect anything to get easier for Toby, the Liars, or anyone else in the coming weeks. The summer finale is being hyped with the hashtag #WorldWarA, and this can really only be translated to mean one thing: Trouble. Big trouble.

Who do you think is the most vulnerable right now when it comes to something terrible happening to them? If you want to read our review of tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode, just be sure to click here!

Photo: ABC Family

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