‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 9 review: What happened to Jenna Marshall?

Jenna -Happy birthday, Emily! This week on “Pretty Little Liars,” we had an opportunity to see one of our leading characters “celebrate” what was an important day in her life … and have the most miserable day ever in the process.

Granted, tonight’s episode showed us that there is someone out there who is probably even more miserable than her right now, and she goes by the name of Jenna. After several weeks away, she resurfaced tonight … only to quickly find herself in a lake. Was she dead? Based on what we saw at the end of the episode, it didn’t seem like it. She’s alive, but barely kicking and in the back of an ambulance, and it is pretty clear that someone really does not want the message about Alison getting to the rest of the Liars.

Saving Jenna from the lake was probably the only swimming-related achievement that we saw from Emily tonight, as she spent much of the early half of the episode finding out that the one swim coach that she wanted to work with was probably not going to be able to help her … and that Paige lied to her about it. Drama! Sadly, it’s drama of the possible-breakup kind. These two have a major problem ahead, and it is a simple one in that they both realize that may have very different futures mapped out for each other.

We’d focus a little bit here on the Aria / Adam storyline, but admittedly, it’s somewhat dull considering that it’s almost predictable that eventually there is going to be trouble for the two, and that this in turn will lead to some movement for Aria and Ezra. With Maggie potentially going away, there is a good opportunity for drama that could also pull Malcolm out of the picture and simplify his life. We don’t really want that to happen, given that it feels almost like an auto-correction for everything that happened last year.

But outside of Jenna, the thing you’re probably supposed to take from this episode is that CeCe Drake has apparently struck fear into the hearts of Jenna and Shana, which is why they are starting to act so very afraid. Also, Red Coat is back … and she means serious business.

What did you think about tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode? If you do want to read some more news related to the show, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

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