‘American Horror Story: Coven’ teaser: A house in New Orleans (video)

Teaser time -Remember how “American Horror Story: Asylum” was keen on giving us a series of different teaser promos prior to the show’s return to FX? Well, it is starting to look like Ryan Murphy has told the promotional department that this strategy would be just as sweet the second time around.

Today, the network unveiled their first teaser for the “Coven” season of the show, which we can really summarize for you with a couple of phrases: It is set in New Orleans, and there are going to be a number of witches involved.

Now, let’s turn to that teaser. “There is a house in New Orleans.” This quote should be familiar, given that it is a lyric in “House of the Rising Sun,” one of the most iconic lyrics ever associated with this city. It’s a powerful tale that has always had creepiness associated with it, but Murphy and company have managed to add an additional dose of fright in their version. This satisfies at least one classic horror cliche: Having some creepy woman say it in a voice that is close to childlike.

As for the imagery, we have a number of women with their faces pressed against various parts of a white room. There’s even a woman in the fireplace if you look closely enough along with a cat slinking around the room. What does all of this mean? While there were some clues in the “Asylum” teasers that hinted at specific things on the show, there were also some that were somewhat inconsequential. It’s best not to over-analyze too much here, but rather appreciate the effort that is being put into delivering something at least different than a title card.

What’s your take on teaser #1? We’re going to be storing an archive of these clips here, so be sure to come back often as more are released.

Photo: FX

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