‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Spencer offends (again); Candice complains

The latest -After a series of terrible comments in the “Big Brother 15” house all season, Spencer last night still somehow found a way to become even more awful of a person than he already is. Trust us: We’re just as surprised as you are that this is possible.

We’re not even going to repeat what he said here verbatim, except that it was a comment about small children and liking to watch them. Was he joking when he said it? We’re pretty sure that he was, but there still has to be some sort of moral compass in your brain when it comes to what you are and aren’t going to talk about on the live feeds (or how about ever?) Even if this wasn’t a season where everyone has grown (understandably so) to be extremely sensitive to every little comment that is said, this would still be something that is a big deal.

The problem for CBS is that while they would probably benefit from getting Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn, and GinaMarie out of the game immediately, they’ve given themselves a precedent where if they kick one out now, it becomes about “oh so you kicked [this person] out for this, and not [that person] out for that.” Slippery slope syndrome. At the end of day, “Big Brother” is supposed to be a silly, entertaining game of strategy that gets us excited, and not galvanized to see someone humiliated once they leave the game. We just hope that this group is all gone soon; we’d rather see a final two with Jessie in it than any of these people. (We also think that Spencer’s behavior will further fuel a decision to make next year All-Stars, where they can bring back people they trust.)

As for the strategy portion of the game, Candice last night tried to rally Jessie to save her, but for now it seems like Jessie / Elissa are the only possible votes. There are still two days left before the eviction Thursday night, and we know that there is some hard campaigning that will happen specifically to Helen, Andy, and Judd in an effort to turn things around. They only need two of them to send home either Amanda or Spencer.

Oh, and Amanda’s bachelorette party was postponed again, despite her having a cake from Elissa to celebrate it.

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Photo: CBS

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