‘Under the Dome’ episode 7 review: Norrie and Joe find the center of the dome

Under the Dome -

Now that the water crisis is under control, things are  back to normal (or as normal as things can be under a dome), so what will be the crisis this week for the people of Chester’s Mill?

Big Jim promises Angie safety and he follows through with his word, kicking Junior out of his house and letting Angie go. As it turns out Jim has bigger problems then Angie… his propane. Ollie has taken his propane and has goons guarding it, leaving Big Jim out of business and Ollie with the water and the propane. Ollie tells Big Jim that he will have control over the town, but he will be doing it through Big Jim… he says jump and Big Jim says how high. Big Jim won’t go down without a fight and decides to blow up the propane – if he can’t be in control of it then no one will be.

Junior goes to work with Linda as they try to track down the brothers that killed Rose and tried to attack Angie and once Junior finds out this becomes personal. When Linda and Junior find the boys one of them resists arrest, leaving Linda forced to shoot, but when Junior’s guy says he’ll go peacefully, he shoots him anyways. Even though Junior was told to stay away from Angie, he finds her at Rose’s diner and tells her that he knows he can’t make her love him, that he’s truly sorry for everything and that the Dundee brothers will never bother her again.

Joe and Norrie are trying to figure out how to communicate with the dome, but everything they’ve already done (kissing, touching) isn’t working. He figures out that there must be a center to the dome and they go looking for it, hoping that there will be answers. They find what looks like a smaller dome and in the center of it is a black egg. They put their hands on it and when they do Norrie sees her mom, Alice, and they run to find her thinking that something is wrong with her… and there is.

The dome has started playing mind games with some of the townsfolk, making a pregnant woman, Harriet, believe that she sees her husband, but when she reaches out for him she touches the dome and goes into early labor. Alice helps deliver the baby and when the baby is born Alice has a heart attack, but doesn’t die until Norrie is by her side.

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