‘The Bachelorette’ finale review: Are Chris Siegfried, Desiree Hartsock engaged?

What happened? -There were so many questions related to “The Bachelorette” that we were waiting to have answers to. Was the speculation right that Brooks would return, and if he did, how would she explain this to Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney?

Goodbye, Drew – Well, you were a total non-factor this season, weren’t you? Even Drew’s exit was pretty strange. He seemed disconnected in front of her, almost like he did not understand the words coming out of her mouth. Drew had a good shot for a few weeks, but things really didn’t go anywhere with them.

Only Chris remains – The one nice thing about this final hour or so with Chris was that it was relaxed, and we saw more of a natural, funny side out of him. It was enough to make us root for him if he did end up becoming the next “Bachelor,”and to see that he was someone that we can root for.

The family visit – You knew that there was going to be so much more made out of the appearance of (dramatic repose) Nate Hartsock, the brother of Desiree that has caused a mountain of drama over the past two seasons, but he actually liked Chris! This was breaking news! As much as the show likes to label him a villain, he’s been pretty honest with everything that he has said this season. We don’t know if Sean Lowe is really so bad as he made him out to be, but he didn’t sugar-coat anything for TV. That has to be worth something, right?

The proposal – At this point, there wasn’t much time for Brooks Forester to really come in and reclaim the woman that he once loved; there was only fifteen minutes left!

We’re not going to go over every single detail of this proposal, but what you should know is that Chris and Desiree are engaged. It was a nice turnaround for her, since it was all about Desiree realizing who was there for her all along, and how he was someone that she really wanted to be with at the end of the day.¬†We’re going to have more about the Brooks Forester story and the downfall of spoilers in a moment, so stay tuned.

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Photo: ABC

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