‘True Blood’ season 6: Show boss reflects on Anna Paquin – Stephen Moyer scenes

True Blood -Last night’s episode of “True Blood” created a number of shocking situations for itself, in between giving us the near-death of Warlow, Sookie Stackhouse’s big decision, and also Sarah Newlin pulling off what was one of the most-gruesome killings that has been done on the show … but also one of the funniest in that it showed just how difficult it can be for normal humans to kill each other on a show that really is so often littered with various supernatural killings.

If you look below, you can see showrunner Brian Buckner and others break down a few key points of what is going to be a very important episode at the end of the day.

1. The Sarah fight – This was something designed to be both shocking and in a way hilarious, and it also informs just how far Sarah is willing to go now to fulfill her own prophecy. Who thought before this season started that Anna Camp would become the Big Bad? We sure didn’t, and that is part of what has made this story so engaging to watch.

2. Anna’s work – Buckner discusses just how Anna Paquin pulls off one of the show’s subtler situations this week, as Sookie ultimately decides to give herself to Warlow upon realizes that she really does not have that much else to live for in her current life. That encounter with Sam was ultimately her reaching for something, but unfortunately for her, it was something that was not even fully obtainable to her anymore.

3. Eric’s actions – While Alexander Skarsgard had only a little airtime this week, it is clear thanks to him draining Warlow’s blood that he is up to something, and our guess is that it has something to do with being the hero, and doing so without the powers of some supposed god.

If you want to watch a preview specifically for next week’s “True Blood” episode, just be sure to click here.

Photo: HBO

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