‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results; the Jessie / Elissa revolt

Can Jessie make a move? -There is a chance that we could have a very interesting couple of days ahead in the “Big Brother 15” house, but it is not going to be thanks to an uneventful and predictable Veto Ceremony. We all knew that this was coming, but for the third time in this game, Spencer is back on the block. This will be the second time that he’s forced to state his case on Thursday’s live show, and it’s a shame that he no longer has a bullhorn in which he is only allowed to speak through.

But is Spencer 100% safe? This is where things get somewhat interesting, as Elissa is still very unhappy about the idea of getting rid of Candice, who she likes. As someone who has been on reality TV and knows what a huge role production can play when it comes to your life in the game, we also think that Elissa is picking up on context clues that maybe America / production also would be happy if Candice stays. They’re not going to give her an advantage, but she may decide to act on behalf of America to do what she can to get one of the non-offensive people to stay in the game, at the expense of one of the two people (in Spencer or Amanda) who has come under fire.

The problem with Elissa’s move based on the conversations this afternoon is the same that it has always been: Trying to find the numbers in order to make it happen. Elissa just doesn’t have them. She has Jessie and … well, Jessie. Even if Judd jumped ship, they would still need a certain someone in Andy who has no real benefit to flipping on the alliance that he already has. He knows that of the group that he’s with right now, Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Amanda are all longshots to win this game. While he could feasibly beat most of the other people if they would forgive him flipping, that’s the problem: Why would they forgive him for turning on them?

There is a lot of time left in the game, and that is where the potential for some excitement comes up. We should have some more news from the house soon, so be sure to stay tuned for more on that. Meanwhile, click here if you’re interested in reading about some of the weekend’s wackiness, and our review of last night’s episode.

Photo: CBS

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