‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: How long will Yvonne Strahovski stick around?

Let's talk Hannah -At the end of last night’s “Dexter,” you saw a moment that a good many out there have been waiting to see since the news of her return was first announced: Hannah McKay was back, and there is sure to be some trouble that would end up following her.

But what sort of trouble will that be? This is still one of the major mysteries, given that Deb clearly does not want her around, and even Dexter has to be anxious about someone who has already tried to kill his sister once, and could decide that his son, his nanny, or some of his other co-workers at the Miami Metro Police Department could be next. Unfortunately, she’s not just someone that you can send off and expect her to stay away. Hannah is smart and crafty, as evidenced by the fact that she is coming back to Miami with a new husband in tow.

As for how long she will be sticking around, that is one of the mysteries of the moment, but we can say that there are at least two more episodes of her coming up. Showtime has released a few details for the eighth episode of this season (entitled “Are We There Yet?”), and Hannah will have some screen time with not just Dexter and Deb, but Dexter’s new lab rat in Zach Hamilton, who he is trying to teach the Code to as a means to keep him from becoming something worse than what he is.

Personally, we would be shocked to see Hannah around come the series finale, if for no other reason than that “Dexter” has never really been a story first and foremost about if a serial killer can find love. It’s something more than that, and she does not resolve the central issue of whether or not someone like Dexter can leave a positive, lasting legacy on the world.

How long do you want to see Hannah stay put on the show? If you want to watch a preview for next week’s episode, our suggestion is to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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