‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Cristina and Owen, Meredith’s baby, and more

What's next? -So where do we go from here on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10? We know that this is a question many are waiting to have some sort of answer to after waiting for most of this summer to find out some more information.

Cristina and Owen remain the show’s biggest romantic enigma, given that they are two people who clearly have love each other, but also have a problem that is so terrible that it divides them at their core: Whether or not children can be a part of their future. We know that in the case of Owen, he badly wants to see it happen. However, Cristina is not nearly as interested, and has made this clear on a number of occasions over the years.

Speaking to TV Guide on this subject, executive producer Shonda Rhimes suggested that these feelings are still going to be there on September 26, which is when the series returns to ABC with new episodes:

“We’re going to watch them grapple with what it means to have broken up at the end of the season and what that means for their future. For both of them, the hard part is that they love each other. They want very, very different things, but they love each other. If only she’d want to have babies, or if only he’d give up wanting kids, they’d be fine.”

Meanwhile, Rhimes also confirmed that we are going to be seeing Meredith’s baby survive after the events in the final, and that poses more issues for her as a mother and a doctor with an extremely busy schedule.

“They have a newborn, which is very different from adopting a 1-year-old child. It’s a very different idea to have a newborn who only sleeps two hours at a time, wakes up to be fed, and Meredith has to figure out how to breastfeed and all those other things. Also, having two children is very different from having one.”

Where do you foresee this Cristina story going next? If you want to see a few more details about the premiere, and also what could be coming for some other characters, just be sure to click here.

Photo: ABC

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