‘Doctor Who’ season 8: BBC’s Peter Capaldi trailer is (kinda) creepy…

The next Doctor -We’re thrilled to see that Peter Capaldi is the next star of “Doctor Who,” at least based on his body of work and the decision from Steven Moffat to not necessarily go with yet another young actor just for the sake of doing so. But with all of this being said, is the trailer below really the best idea that you could come up with when it comes to introducing the new character?

This video is only 11 seconds along, and it basically just features Calapdi stating his name, and the news that he is the next Doctor. However, there is a way in which he says it (plus a facial expression) that is almost dastardly, like he is getting ready to say “boo” to you on Halloween and then steal all of your candy.

Perhaps we are meant within these few seconds to see some sort of peek into the future of “Doctor Who,” where we have yet another look at an odd character. Matt Smith’s incarnation was at times whimsical, weird, and even comical, but there was also a darker side of the character that has not been fully explored until recently. This is a man who is drowning in blood at this point, and with Capaldi, you have an opportunity to take on more stories about how worn and weathered the Doctor character is. The relationship with Clara (Jenna Coleman) is also going to undoubtedly be different, as there was occasionally some romantic tension there when watching her and Smith on-screen together.

Now that almost a full 24 hours have passed, do you feel more or less excited about seeing Capaldi in the role of the next Doctor? As per always, we want to hear your thoughts below! If you do want to read more news pertaining to the series, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: BBC

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