‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Judd gets in his game on (in oh so many ways)

The latest -Oh, Judd. “Party Daughtery” is basically the Robin Hood of “Big Brother 15,” getting information from the people in power, and then dispersing just enough to satisfy the underlings. He gives them love, attention, and respect … even if he doesn’t mean any of it … and in turn makes himself less of a target. It’s a great strategy, but only if he doesn’t get found out.

Judd made a number of interesting observations tonight that could change the game pretty dramatically, depending on if he or any other person close to him in the house ends up winning Head of Household Thursday:

1. Helen is seemingly the head of the snake, and must be taken out. From a strategic standpoint, we agree with that since she is controlling what so many people do.

2. Spencer is someone who is desperate for an ally, so why not try to rope him in with some sort of pact? This keeps Judd safe if Spencer wins power on Thursday, and Spencer is so desperate that he won’t say anything.

3. He made out with Jessie in the backyard. Now, “Jussie” (or “Juddie”?) are more of an item that they were previously, which could hurt his game somewhat. He is still relaying information, though, from her to Amanda and McCrae, which is not the nicest thing in the world to do. However, this keeps McCranda from going after him, since they have their own target of choice now.

The beauty of Judd’s plan right now is that save for maybe Helen, almost everyone in the house has a target guaranteed that they want out more than him. He is covered pretty well for the double-eviction, but it all depends on if people do not figure out some of what he is up to, and some of them have already realized that he is much smarter than he appears.

We’ll have more updates from the Veto Ceremony at the usual place here, so be sure to come back soon for more.

Photo: CBS

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