‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 6 review: Lose a date with Zach Hamilton

Dexter -Does anyone else almost feel like we have ended season 8 and are now watching another “Dexter” season? The first few episodes were themed almost entirely around the concept of Dexter and Deb hating each other, of the Brain Surgeon, and of Dr. Vogel helping through everything.

Now, the game has changed. The siblings are getting along again, but there are other problems hampering them, whether it be Elway hitting on Deb during some of their “covert” missions to protect his sister (oh, the irony there), or Evelyn trying to do just about everything that she can in order to get Dexter to try and give a second thought to helping Zach Hamilton rather than killing him. Dexter was trying his hardest to study him as though he was ready to prepare him for the table, even to the point where he seemingly sacrificed his “relationship” (if you can call it that) with Cassie in order to make it happen.

Now, is this story really that entertaining? Yes and no. Having Dexter establish a legacy is an intriguing idea, since he can teach someone precisely what he cannot teach his son: How to be a killer. But this kid? We barely know him, and we’ve seen Dexter take someone under his wing before. He is clearly someone different from Miguel Prado, but we don’t see much intensity in him working with a kid. The best seasons of “Dexter” are the ones that feature Dexter in danger, and maybe that will happen next week when Hannah McKay is around … but why? That is something that we are very curious to see.

Elsewhere, we had some heartbreaking news as Batista felt the pressure, and chose to not promote Quinn to Sargent over Miller. The only thing worse than that? Having to sit through a Masuka storyline that we’d been hoping to see, but not in this predictable form. We’d rather see him actually trying to fall in love than dealing with a daughter over money issues.

What did you think overall about this week’s “Dexter” season 8 episode? As always, we do want to hear some more of your thoughts below! If you want to take a look at a sneak peek for next week’s “Dexter” episode, just be sure to click here.

Photo: Showtime

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