AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 3 finale review: Who was the killer, and why?

The Killing -When we first saw the previews for “The Killing” tease the the person responsible for the latest string of murders may be someone from within the Seattle police force, this was a cause for serious nervousness. Was Holder’s partner the guilty party, or someone that we had barely seen to this point?

As it turns out, the killer was instead someone that we really did not see coming in Skinner, the head of the Special Investigations Unit. Having the guilty party come from within the force was somewhat cheesy, given that it was the sort of “perfect crime” that you traditionally see on TV, but his motives were chilling: He wanted to do something to “save” his victims from an inevitably terrible life, which is why he did not care just how young they were or what their future could have held. He was a monster, and one that the police may not have otherwise seen coming.

What made this finale worthy of applause was more than the reveal, but how this killer continued to be vile even after the truth was out there. He attempted to send Linden with him on a wild-goose chase for Adrian (who was fine), largely so that he could get himself in a position to be shot to death by Linden. He manipulated her, used her, and even played on their past connection … and in death, he got exactly what he wanted.

Linden’s decision to kill Skinner was a move that should not be taken lightly. He was guilty of horrible things, but at the same time, he was about to be put to justice. She now has to rely on Holder spinning the story to make it look like she acted in self-defense, and did not execute a man herself out of revenge. This was a bit of a cliffhanger, and you have to admit that it does set a stage well for a fourth season. While this case is solved, what happens with Linden next after this? While we weren’t so sure if we needed a season 3 after a so-so season 2, we really want the show to continue now. There were some great things done over the past twelve episodes, and Veena Sud has proven that there is still some story left in the talk.

What was your take on “The Killing” finale, and did you like the sort-of cliffhanger at the tail end of this? If you want to take a look at why we think that the show should be back for a fourth season, you can do so over here.

Photo: AMC

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