‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 9 preview: Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric in danger

Alexander SkarsgardThere were some surprises on tonight’s “True Blood” season 6 episode, and none were bigger than the news that Eric Northman is now completely and totally on a tear. He wants to cause chaos, and he’s definitely doing so following the death of Nora. He’s drank some fairy blood, and he’s also done damage to Warlow. What comes next? We’re about to find out.

Next week’s episode is entitled “Life Matters,” which is probably a pretty bizarre name for an episode that really does deal with death on such an enormous scale. For sure, there are going to be characters that die, and the debate is simply whether or not they are going to be characters that you care about and feel for at the end of the day.

In addition to the biggest Bill vs. Eric battle yet, this episode will also deal with the issue of whether or not the vampires in camp can be saved, if the sun prophecy will be fulfilled, and also the funeral for Terry Bellefleur that has been many weeks in the making. Judging by the presence of the 21-gun salute, Arlene is not going to be getting everything that she wants when it comes to mourning the loss of her loved one.

For those who have been so upset lately about all of the stories going all over the place, what is going to feel somewhat nice about this episode is that for a change, things are starting to really blend together, and characters are actually seeing each other after almost a full season apart.

Do you think that Eric is about to join the heavy body count next week, based largely on his own erratic behavior? If you want to read our full review for tonight’s episode, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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