‘Whodunnit?’ episode 7 review: Cris offers Melina a deal

Whodunnit?On last week’s episode of “Whodunnit?”we saw the houseguests having a Hawaiian themed party when a chandelier came crashing down on Geno (even though the killer promised no one would die). So is he actually dead?

The killer lied (shocker!) and Geno is dead, but not before telling them that this was going to be the hardest death to solve. Ronnie and Melina are the only two left on their team so it’s going to be difficult for them.

The Crime Scene: Kam and Ronnie check this out and see that there is a green liquid around the blood. Kam notices a timer behind a statue that was shorter out, but Ronnie misses it.

The last known whereabouts: Lindsey takes this on alone and she finds a necklace with shells covered in glow in the dark green paint along with note that says “steal Giles cell phone and you will be spared.” Lindsey is in a very good position being the only person to have this information.

The Morgue: Cris and Melina see that while there were obvious injuries from the chandelier, the also found what looks like a bullet in his stomach, but no one heard a gun shot. Giles cell phone starts ringing and it is revealed that Geno was the person that stole the phone. Cris tells her to come over to their team and hang Ronnie out to dry.

The group is later blindfolded and lead to a pitch black room and Ronnie finds night vision goggles. He can then see a note that tells him to follow a tunnel to the next clue which leads him to the morgue. In the morgue Ronnie finds his next clue which is a word puzzle, and shortly after Melina shows up too. Kam, Cris and Lindsey get to the morgue and figure out the word puzzle that had Ronnie and Melina stumped.  Kam later finds the gun and night vision goggles (being the only person to find them) and he shares his information with Cris and Lindsey. Melina decides to go to Cris for information (after her offer to come to the winning team), but Cris totally clams up, leaving Melina and Ronnie in trouble (such trouble that Ronnie’s murder theory had a trained monkey involved).

At the dinner party, Ronnie decides to come clean about his job, admitting that he’s a bounty hunter/crime investigator (hoping that is he survives people may want to work with him.) Lindsey comes out on top once again (probably from not sharing the full note she found in Geno’s room) and leaving Ronnie and Melina scared and right away we thought if Ronnie doesn’t get killed tonight with that ridiculous monkey theory then he’s got to be the killer. So did the killer target Ronnie? Yup, he was shot out of a hot tub and into a pool.

Who do you think the killer is on this first season of “Whodunnit?” Leave us a comment and tell us who you think will be left standing in the end.

Photo: ABC

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