‘Big Brother 15’ review: Jessie stands up to Amanda… welcome to the game

Can Jessie make a move? -On the last episode of “Big Brother 15” we saw the houseguests competing in an endurance challenge for HOH, but because of the length of the competition we didn’t have a chance to see who won, so let’s get to it.

HOH: The houseguests were walking on moving barrels  and as the direction of the barrels changes, people start dropping like flies. Julie Chen made things a little more interesting by offering 3 boxes to the first three houseguests that drop out. Spencer dropped first followed by Candice and Helen: Spencer got a megaphone that he has to speak through (totally brilliant and hilarious), Candice got $5000 (which she deserved) and Helen got a back yard BBQ with three houseguests. Who ultimately won the HOH? Well it was down to GinaMarie and McCrae and neither of them looked to be falling anytime soon. GinaMarie promised McCrae and Amanda safety as well as a few nights in the HOH room, but McCrae wanted the power. In the end McCrae didn’t take the deal and he fell off leaving GinaMarie the crown, but she decided to honor all of the things she promised McCrae anyway. The best part was that when she got her HOH room she found a picture of her and Nick in a frame making GinaMarie go a little bit crazier.

Helen’s BBQ: Helen decides to pick Elissa and Aaryn… and while you might be surprised that Helen chose Aaryn, she has good reason too, which is that she wants to basically thank Aaryn for keeping her end of the deal last week. Jessie is completely upset about Aaryn being chosen over her and as the night goes on she only gets worse.

Amanda confronts Jessie’s plan: Jessie tried to make a place before the last eviction to backdoor Amanda, but unfortunately she went to Andy with this plan and he told everyone, including Amanda.  While Jessie continues to whine about the BBQ and how fake everyone in the house is, Amanda puts her on blast for trying to stage a revolt to have her kicked out of the house, saying that she is fake as well. Jessie says that she was just playing the game and talking through her options (as everyone does) and Amanda starts pushing Jessie really hard, threatening her about being a nominee this week. Jessie pushed back and told her she won’t be bullied by her and she’s going to continue to look through her options when it comes to game play (welcome to the game Jessie).  McCrae tells Amanda that she’s playing too hard and making herself look bad in front of the house. He asks her to apologize so that they can get to the end of the game together, but she’s not really hearing it. Jessie on the other hand knew it was in her best interest to go and make ammends the next day and she apologized to some of the houseguests (not Amanda though). While we have been thinking that Jessie is a floater most of the season, this episode has turned us around on her.

Nominations: After having everyone yapping in her ear, GinaMarie decided on Candice (which is a surprise to no one) and Jessie because she thinks Jessie is a “flip-flopper”.

We will have to wait until next time to learn who America put on the block as the third nominee… or if you just can’t wait and need to know now, you can check out our “Big Brother 15” live feed spoilers for the answer to that question.

Photo: CBS

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