AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 4: Four reasons it must happen

The Killing -Tonight marks the end of “The Killing” season 3, which to us was a year that most fans of good television should really get behind. It was a great collection of quality episodes featuring quality guest stars, and the dark tone could not keep us from recognizing it. While trying to one-up last week’s shocking prison-centered episode will be difficult, we imagine that showrunner Veena Sud likely feels like she is up for the challenge in putting an end to the serial murders that have rocked Seattle’s youth.

Sadly, there is no word on the show’s fate moving forward, and a renewal for a season 4 is unlikely given the low ratings that are already out there. Is there a way to turn things around? We’ve composed at least four reasons why AMC should consider a renewal, even if the ratings are not exactly stellar here.

1. Great acting – It’s true that Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are coveted for movie roles these days, but with this show filming only 12 episodes a year, there is time to do both, and tackling some smaller, subtler work here while they also go out and tackle some big-budget projects elsewhere.

2. Great writing – For as much flack as we routinely give AMC for their “Walking Dead” switcheroos or their disputes with “Mad Men’s” Matthew Weiner, they have allowed Veena Sud to be creative here. Do you want to create a show so depressing that it turns some people away? We almost imagine someone asking her this question, and her then saying “yes” and them being okay with it.

3. Something new – This series could almost be like “American Horror Story” in some ways; while you have the same leads and the same world every season, there are enough new faces that you do not have to know past cases. Just like some Peter Sarsgaard fans tuned in to watch Ray Seward, another guest star could have the same impact.

4. Something different – AMC is losing “Breaking Bad” this fall, and “Man Men” next spring. Do they need this huge of a shift? We imagine that the success of “Hell on Wheels” and “Low Winter Sun” could impact whether or not we see more of “The Killing,” but for the time being it is the perfect show to put on in the summer and just get something out of the tough months of June and July.

Do you think having a great season this time increases the renewal odds, or do you think that “The Killing” should just quit now while it is ahead? If you want to read more specific details on the finale, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: AMC

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