‘The Amazing Race Canada’ preview: Troubles in the Canadian north

The path ahead -First of all, can we say how thrilled we are to see that “The Amazing Race Canada” is heading far north for Monday night’s new episode? As someone who is a bit of a geography buff, there is always something fascinating to us about seeing relatively untapped locations on television. Save for a few nature specials here and there, you really do not get much of a sense of what life or the world is like in such places as the Yukon or Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. They are not places that you often think to visit, and they are not places particularly populated by many people.

The preview below gives us two separate challenges, though it is not entirely clear what they are. One could be a roadblock, given that it features someone having to move around a wheelbarrow on the ice while someone else provides direction.

Meanwhile, we imagine that the other is a Speed Bump that Tim & Tim Jr. have to complete to push ahead in the race, and that seems interesting since it is actually difficult! The American version of the show has literally had a Speed Bump that consisted of sitting on a bus (and there was one about eating ice cream); this one actually makes a team do something in order to push forward.

Even though it would have been nice to see more of an international flavor, we are really enjoying the season so far thanks to some interesting casting, some potential heroes and villains, and the physical capabilities of many teams left to be serious competition threats. We can’t sit here and say that there is any team left save for maybe Tim & Tim that is destined to go home soon; while Brett & Holly crashed and burned last week, they were dominating prior to that.

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Photo: CTV

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