‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: When will Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah return?

Let's talk Hannah -Where, oh where, is Hannah McKay? Yvonne Strahovski’s character was a big part of the seventh season of “Dexter,” and before this season even premiered, we were hearing that the “Chuck” alum would be returning as the Dexter Morgan love interest for at least a small arc.

However, Sunday night marks the sixth episode of this excellent final season, and there is no word yet on when she will be coming back. Luckily, that is going to be changing very soon. While we are not going to give you why Hannah will be back in Miami just yet, we will tell you that the wait to see her back around some of our characters is not going to be much longer. How soon? Think next week at the latest. Showtime’s official synopsis for “Dress Code” confirms that this will mark her grand return to the series:

“Dexter tracks down Hannah to see why she is back in Miami. He also takes on a protégé and begins teaching him the Code.”

First of all, we genuinely believe that this protege story may be the most-hated thing that we’ve ever seen among the show’s diehard fans, at least in terms of a story that has not actually happened yet. We will hold out some hope that this is just not going to be another Miguel Prado situation, but at least there is some difference in that the target of Dexter’s teachings already has this dark side completely out in the open.

As for the idea that Dexter’s protege could be the star of a new spin-off … no thanks. It feels too much like “Bates Motel.” We’re still leaning towards Yvonne being the most-likely choice if Showtime goes in this direction: She already has a following, is distant enough from the rest of the show to be effective, and has a mean streak worthy of a show about serial killers. Also it would be a breath of fresh air to see a show about a female killer since they are very rarely a focus on TV and are a completely different beast then a male killer.

We will have more news courtesy of our review of tonight’s “Dexter” soon. For now, just be sure to click here if you want to watch a preview for tonight’s episode.

Photo: Showtime

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