‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5: Questions for Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev’s many characters

More scoop -For most actors on TV these days, you are just lucky to get the opportunity to play one character on a highly-successful TV show. So for two people on “The Vampire Diaries” to get to tackle a pair of roles is something that is both a little bit outside of the norm and also pretty special. It also helps when these roles are as different as can be for Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley.

In the case of Nina, she has gotten the opportunity over the years to grow accustomed to playing both Elena and Katherine; however, this is a new challenge for Paul, who has not taken on an opportunity like this before, and is doing so now thanks to the big reveal in the season 4 finale that he and Silas have a connection that extends back over a century.

So could we see more of these characters in the future? We won’t get too “Orphan Black” here and start talking about clones, but in an interview with Wetpaint, executive producer Caroline Dries says that the issue of doppelgangers will be addressed throughout the new season, starting with the October 3 premiere:

“[Obviously], you’ve met Silas briefly at the end of the season, and so going into this season, we already know Elena’s a doppelgänger. Katherine’s a doppelganger. So we’re just like, ‘Why do doppelgänger exist?’ And so now that we realize Stefan’s a doppelgänger, we kind of explore the deeper mythology of why does this weird phenomena occur. So that’s pretty cool. And that has ripple effects for all of our main three characters.”

While both Elena and Katherine are going to be both out in the open early on this season, it may take a little while longer for everyone else to catch on when it comes to what is going on with Wesley. Stefan is currently in the process of drowning again and again, and the only person who would know about this is Silas, otherwise known as someone who could really care less.

The other big news today is that we’re still reeling from the casting of Janina Gavankar in a major role. Want to know more? Then we advise you to head on over to the link here.

Photo: The CW

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