‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: An early morning Veto, MVP speculation, and more

ElissaThere’s no one singular event worth talking about in the “Big Brother 15” house tonight, largely because we’re in the midst of one of the most boring post-Nomination Ceremony nights that we have ever seen on the show. We know already that Jessie and Candice are on the block, but neither is necessarily that upset or surprised by it.

The only drama at all that came from this was GinaMarie accusing Jessie of being a flip-flopper during her speech, and then saying that Candice was a tattletale. Did she really mean that? Maybe not on that high of a level, since she has since apologized on one occasion and really just wanted to make some good television for herself.

With the word on the street (via Candice) being that the houseguests are going to be waking up early tomorrow for the Veto, we imagine that we’re not going to have Amanda and McCrae up until 6 in the morning tonight, which is great for those who love sleep. It also means that the MVP nomination will be coming much earlier than it has as of late, and if we had to pick someone to go up right now, we’re still saying that it will be Aaryn just because of general hatred. However, Amanda is making a huge surge online thanks to various fansites pushing hard to get her on the block again. There’s also some former contestants trying to campaign to have her or Helen put up to potentially be eliminated.

So why not send all of your votes for Aaryn? The simple explanation for is this: There’s no way that Aaryn goes home this week, even if we despise her and put her on the block. It would have likely taken Candice, Jessie, Elissa, and one other person to send her out the door, and two of these people are nominated. For those who want to see a big game move happen, Amanda is a more interesting option for changing the game. Plus, she has also said some pretty horrendous race-related remarks in the house, and has gotten off easy from the CBS editors. While Aaryn may be hated, some people may feel like she has been punished more for her actions then other people who have done the same thing.

One other thing we want to mention is that there’s a “competition” coming up for the last spot in Helen’s barbecue, which created drama earlier when Jessie thought that she would have been given it by default.

We’ll have the results of this and more in the morning; for now, you can check out more news straight from “Big Brother 15” by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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