‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Some more predictable nominations?

Be prepared to yawn -Could this season of “Big Brother” be any more predictable? There’s almost no point in a Nomination Ceremony anymore; instead, you really should just point at people in the house and say “sit down.”

Basically, it was clear almost from the moment that GinaMarie won Head of Household that her two targets were going to be none other than Jessie and Candice, and for some pretty good reasons. For one, GinaMarie and Candice hate each other, and there’s also the problem that Jessie stirred up a beehive of drama in the house last night when she really did not have to. The woman was in no danger at all of leaving the game and now here we are.

Yet, these are the two nominations, and we now must wait until the morning before we inevitably see Aaryn placed on the block as the third nominee by America. This will make the Power of Veto Competition interesting, given that all of these ladies have their advantages and disadvantages, except for Candice since she does not seem capable of winning much of anything in this game.

Are these choices ultimately bad for GinaMarie? Well, it depends. She may think that she is tied with Aaryn, but we don’t know why she would want to perpetuate the agenda of Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, and Helen. These four have no interest whatsoever in helping her get to the end, and this is one more example that she is thinking more about Nick and personal vendettas than trying to actually win the game. (No surprise, given that she has spent most of this season in a clueless haze.)

We’ll have another update from the “Big Brother” live feeds later today, but for now, you can find out some more news from the feeds over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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