‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Kurt Sutter teases dark, horrific premiere secret

A major moment is near -While we imagine that you are probably not watching “Sons of Anarchy” in the first place if you consider yourself to be relatively faint of heart, there is going to be something that unfolds during the September 10 premiere that could have even some hardcore viewers needing a few hugs of encouragement and support. We’re not going to say too much here so that you will be surprised, so instead let’s just say that you need to make sure you know that this will surely shock and even offend some people watching.

However, creator Kurt Sutter is insistent that while this event may be one of the darkest and most terrible things ever done on his program, he is not doing it with the mere intention of shock value; instead, he said today at TCA (accompanied by Charlie Hunnam and his wife Katey Sagal) that this is being done because of its necessity to further the story:

“I’ve wanted to do that story for about three years. I know obviously that it would be somewhat controversial, but I feel like as much as I wouldn’t do something because it was controversial, I’m also not going to do something because it is [controversial]… It’s an organic story to our world; thematically it’s the right fit.”

The premiere episode is entitled “Straw,” and it will run longer than the typically-allotted hour (with commercials) that FX traditionally allows. It also is going to feature what happens next following Tara’s arrest, and the weight that Jax Teller feels now more than ever at the head of SAMCRO’s table.

“Sons of Anarchy” is no stranger to controversy, and we definitely believe that this is not the last time that we are going to be talking about this.

If you want to hear more news about some returning stars to “Sons of Anarchy” this season, all you have to do is check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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