‘Criminal Minds’ season 9 spoilers: The flashback debate

Get ready -Once upon a time on “Criminal Minds” … doesn’t just the idea of saying that freak you out a little bit? Well, we are going to be getting a greater sense of at least one character’s past on the CBS drama this season, and some more could be coming soon depending on where the chips happen to fall.

According to TVLine, what we can say so far about this upcoming season is pretty simple: There is going to be some sort of story that gives us a look at JJ’s past, and some things related to her backstory that should be interesting for longtime fans of the show. We also do personally find it interesting to take a little bit of a dive into character histories, and we’re sure that this will really be no exception to the rule at all.

Showrunner Erica Messer says that more back ground stories could potentially be added, as she does often speak with some of the actors about some of what they would like to see unfold for their characters. You don’t quite see that happen on every show, but it must add to the familial atmosphere and the relationship that all of these people have with each other. (Then again, it could theoretically also lead to clashes.)

What do you think of a JJ story centered around her past, and are there any more of these specifically that you’d like to see pop up on “Criminal Minds” this season? If you’re looking for some more details related to casting or something else, have no fear: We’ve got you covered over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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