‘Big Brother 15’ review: Amanda, McCrae “engaged” and a new HOH

Amanda and McCrae are "Big Brother engaged" -After a fairly quiet week in the “Big Brother 15” house, it is still looking like Howard is going home tonight, but let’s see if he was able to turn the tide and save himself this week.

Howard and Candice: While Candice is being completely negative about being on the block, Howard is keeping his spirits high, thinking that they can’t get the house to turn on Amanda and get her out. Of course they don’t realize that the people they are campaigning to  (Andy, Judd etc.) are working with her. Andy immediately tells Amanda Spencer and Howard’s plan to try to flip the house and she confronts Spencer saying that she knows the plan. She tries to intimidate/threaten him and Spencer pushes back.

House meeting: Helen overhears Spencer saying that he’s targeting Candice, so she stirs the pot by telling Candice and she falls for it. Candice  calls a house meeting, which was really just an opportunity to tell Spencer off and exposing all of his lies. All she really did was take the target off of Howard and place it squarely on herself.

The big eviction: During Amanda’s speech tonight she announced that she and McCrae are “Big Brother engaged”… are they really engaged or is this just a fun thing for the show? It’s not really clear, but  it seems that there will be some “big wedding” happening in the house soon. So Howard has been the target all week and although Candice stirred the pot and brought some unwanted attention on herself, the plan to get Howard out was still in full effect and he’s gone with almost everyone in the house voting to evict him. Julie Chen asked Howard about the racism in the house and he told her that in real life it’s easy to walk away from these situations, but in the house you’re trapped with people all the time and losing his temper wasn’t going to help anyone (including his game). Howard was asked if there was a showmance with Candice and he says that they were only just friends. The MVP is still shockingly in play this week, likely because it’s making the house crazy paranoid, and it’s America once again. Looks like this twist is not going away anytime soon.

There is no Have/Have not competition this week so everyone gets to eat! The houseguests are facing an endurance challenge tonight for the next HOH, so this will go on long after the show ends tonight, so if you want to know who the HOH is, be sure to check back at this link throughout the night to find out who won.

Photo: CBS

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