‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Jessie feels the heat; Judd apologizes, and more

Can Jessie make a move? -As we near the fifth eviction on “Big Brother 15,” the houesguests have finally started to be reasonably active on a day that most of them stayed in bed until around seven hours ago. These people need to get their schedules in order, given that they won’t be allowed to sleep as late tomorrow, and that also happens to be when we are going to see them face off in an endurance Head of Household Competition (at least based on our evidence). Sleep is a very valuable thing, people!

Also, trust is a very valuable thing, and for Judd and Jessie, tonight so far has been about damage control. He started things off here by making amends with Andy, who he had a spat with yesterday over some assorted things. He brushed it off as a “roommate” issue, and not something that was really related to the game. (Little does he know that he has been more or less kicked out of the Goof Troop.)

Meanwhile, Jessie is oblivious to Judd wanting to cut strategic ties to her, and she has been trying to clean up a mess, as many people believe that she created some sort of plan to evict Candice or told her about plans for the vote. (In reality, Candice just thought up some of these theories on her own.) She tried to clear the air last night with Elissa, agreeing to vote out Howard tomorrow, but trying to do make some deals for tomorrow with the new Head of Household looming. This is a smart one for her, since she really needs to do something to make her more than Porsche 2.0.

A few things you can count on tomorrow are for Howard to leave, Spencer to not fare well at endurance, and Julie Chen offering up another cryptic tease. We do think that we’re near the end of the MVP twist, but producers have obviously liked it. After all, it’s been the only source of chaos in what has been a boring season the past two weeks strategically.

If you want to read some more updates from the live feed, and also our full review of tonight’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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