‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: New wedding guests and titles galore

How I Met Your MotherLet’s hope that you are stoked to see what is coming up on “How I Met Your Mother’s” ninth and final season, given that we now have a brand-new treasure trove of scoop now that suggests a few new wedding guests that are going to be getting some backstory. While you may think it is a little strange to have new characters introduced at the time of Barney and Robin’s wedding, remember this: How many times have you gone to a wedding and known everyone? Heck, how many times have you gone to a wedding and known everyone and you were involved in the wedding?

Take a look at the three new folks below via TVLine.

1. Knight Templar, a creepy, judgmental guy with a creepy, judgmental name. The seventh episode of the season is called “Knight Vision,” and we imagine that it revolves around him. Plus, we imagine that the show will cast a reasonably big name here a la “Blitzgiving.”

2. Sophia, Robin’s college roommate who shows up at the wedding in a state that you typically only see reserved for people on “Wedding Crashers.”

3. Grace, Barney’s new assistant. Wait, who knew that Barney ever had an assistant? Also, do we really even have an idea yet as to what exactly Barney does for a living? We think not.

As for some other episode titles, episode 5 is “The Poker Game,” and it will be followed up by “No Questions Asked.” These are still tentative for the time being, so be on the lookout for possible changes.

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Photo: CBS

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