‘Royal Pains’ season 5 spoilers: Preparing for ‘Chock Full O’ Nuts’

Royal PainsWhile we still believe that Wednesday night’s “Royal Pains” episode has one of the more hilarious names out there in “Chock Full O’ Nuts,” what we have today are some details that stretch beyond what you will be seeing tonight, and into the next few weeks. The course of the season is starting to take shape somewhat, and you can divide it almost into four separate stories. That is ultimately what this story is about: Giving you a taste of everything that is coming up ahead.

1. Hank’s recovery from surgery, and how his own work as a doctor is starting to slowly tie itself into what he is doing to take care of himself away from work. While the hints of a pill addiction on his part have crept in slowly, his “medication” is going to be a point of contention between him and at least one other character by the end of the season.

2. The Shadow Pond caper. This is more of a Boris story ultimately then a Hank one, as it determines whether or not he will ever be able to live comfortably and publicly in the Hamptons again.

3. Divya’s pregnancy, and whether or not Jeremiah is going to unveil his feelings to her at any point during the process. She is now staying with him thanks to the black mold situation at her neighbor’s home, and the more time in which they spend together, the harder it will be for this to stay private. For now, that’s all we are saying.

4. Evan’s political campaign, and his relationship with Paige that comes as a result of that. While we can’t tell you if he wins the race for Village Council, USA has some webisodes on the subject online here.

If you want to check out the official promo for Wednesday’s episode, you can do so just by checking out the story over at the link here.

Photo: USA

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