‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Candice goes off on Spencer in House Meeting

Candice StewartWhenever you hear the words “house meeting” in conjunction with the “Big Brother” house, there is really one thing that you can take from it almost immediately: Insanity. Things are going to hit the fan, and they are going to do so in a way that gets everyone worked up. After the boring past few days, we can all but guarantee that the actions in the game today are going to show up on Thursday night’s episode of the show.

To us, the House Meeting can really be set up into two separate parts today. First, we have Candice completely blowing up on Spencer, accusing him of lying and even ripping him for the stupid hat drama that happened at the very start of the season. While he did sit on Aaryn’s hat, at least he didn’t do to what Jeremy did to Elissa’s hat a little earlier on in the game. She encouraged everyone to vote their own way, and told Howard not to self-evict as he has been threatening.

However, after that Howard did still say that he wants to go home if people are going to play like they are, mostly because he’s upset about who he thinks are Helen, Elissa, Amanda, and McCrae controlling everything. He’s really only partially right here since Andy is in the mix as much as anyone else, but his principled belief is just that he doesn’t want to play with sneaky little liars who don’t want to ever be respectable men and women. He also kept himself very calm in the meeting, just as Spencer did the entire time that Candice was yelling at him.

The irony about all of this is that what we took from this fight is that if current patterns hold, Howard is probably more likely to stay now and Candice is more likely to be sent home. You always want to keep the person that doesn’t really want to be there, and you know already that he’s not winning an endurance Head of Household due to his muscle mass.

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Photo: CBS

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