ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ episode 9 review: Savannah, Josslyn get a visit from mom

MistressesWe have already been left wondering for weeks now who the father of Savannah’s baby is on “Mistresses” and if you are hoping to get answers out of this week’s episode you will be sorely disappointed… in fact it looks like we may not get any answers for a full 9 months.

Josslyn: Her relationship with Savannah is still strained so a surprise visit from mom is just the thing she hopes will smooth things out. Unfortunately their mother’s cavalier attitude and announcement that she’s moving to Rio makes Savannah shake her head, while Josslyn is excited for her mother’s adventure. Josslyn suggests that she comes with her mother for the first two weeks of her trip and she says yes, but when it comes time to leave, Josslyn gets left behind as her mother takes off with a bartender. The one good thing that comes out of their mother being a flake is that it brings Savannah and Josslyn back together again.

Savannah: The girl just won’t open that paternity envelope and it’s not only driving Harry and Dominic crazy, but it’s driving us crazy too. What’s the hold up? Not knowing isn’t going to change anything, just open it already! Savannah drives us even more crazy when she gives the envelope to Josslyn and tells her not to open it until the child is born with the mentality that the baby is “hers” only at this point. Completely stupid, selfish and mean to the men involved with this child. With the news of Savannah’s mother moving it was probably a good time to tell her about the baby (since she already knows about the separation), but Savannah held back… and now we know why. Her mother had a baby with another man (driving her father away) and the child was Josslyn. Eventually the secret of Savannah’s affair comes out to her mother, but she leaves not knowing about the baby.

Karen: Now that Elizabeth knows about her affair with Tom, Karen is obsessed with figuring out whether or not Elisabeth knew the whole time or just found out recently. Karen is worried that if Elisabeth knew about the affair while Tom was still alive that she may have killed Tom, so Karen hires a private investigator to find out more information. Things start to really unravel for Karen when Elisabeth tells her lawyer that Karen’s notes were forged, and that one of her “appointments” with Tom was when Elisabeth and Tom were away in Hawaii for two weeks. Has this been Elisabeth’s plan all along, trying to completely ruin Karen’s life and her job? When Karen is served with court papers saying that she is being sued by Elisabeth for the wrongful death of Thomas Grey, she knows she’s been set up.

April: Now that Miranda’s gone (and she thinks Paul is gone too) she is trying to get back on track with Richard. Although she tells Richard about Miranda leaving, she didn’t disclose the bizarre twist of Paul still being alive (and a total jerk to boot). Now that Richard has told his daughter about dating April, she has told Lucy as well and things seem to be moving forward, but when Paul goes to Karen and asks her to set up one last meeting him him and April we know it can’t end well. After telling April about Paul’s request, she decides to meet with him and he tells her that he wants to see Lucy. Knowing that she can no longer hide Paul, she sits down with Richard and tells him everything.

Do you think that this baby daddy storyline is getting completely dragged out? Will Karen go to jail over Tom’s death? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen on the next episode of “Mistresses”.

Photo: ABC

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