‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: A new Goof Troop; Spencer’s live show threat

SpencerWell, at least this week is starting to become interesting on “Big Brother 15,” and mostly for the reason that people on slop are starting to drive themselves up the wall for no good reason. In the case of Amanda, she seems to be the biggest offender of this. Is she on the block? Yes, and that is generally a reason to freak out a little bit. Heck, we understand it. But if you freak out too much, you run the risk of torpedoing your own game.

So deciding to try and include Aaryn in the Goof Troop over Judd? Kind of a risky move. Everyone hates her for one, and we still don’t really think that Judd was going to bail on this alliance. He’s a smart guy, and just because he’s hanging out with Howard and Spencer doesn’t mean that he is teaming up with him. Obviously, Amanda and McCrae would probably like to see Aaryn around at this point, given that they could beat her a million times over.

So long as Aaryn doesn’t say anything to Judd, though, this could be brilliant for Andy, Amanda, and McCrae. They have another option should they choose, and it keeps the numbers even more so in their favor. They’re all set up to be in a great position if they make it to the live show, but they have to get there first … and that includes hoping that no one else learns about their alliance. If they do, Amanda could be out the door.

We know already that Spencer is planning to do some sort of live-show theater in the event of a tie to ensure that Aaryn votes to evict someone other that Howard, but that’s not really going to happen. He can just keep up with his silly threats for now, since it’s really all that he has.

If you were a member of the Goof Troop, would you rather have Aaryn or Judd on your side? If you want to see the origins of the Judd paranoia, and some other updates from the house, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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