‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 9 review: Who is the Darach?

Teen WolfOn “Teen Wolf” season 3 so far, there has been everything from murders to romance to more murders. Yet, what was more interesting about tonight’s episode was the human element that was present. It was a debate raging between a father and a son that made for one of the night’s most-poignant moments, and there was also a focus on a character in Lydia that was really trying to cope with some of her own powers and her purpose in the world.

While we are suckers for the human emotion side of things, we do realize that the majority of people out there are going to be talking about something else (ans something very specific) after seeing this episode. The identity of the Darach being revealed. Who was it? Well if you guessed Jennifer Blake, you win the grand prize.

Given that so many teachers found themselves in a very dangerous position this week, having Jennifer be the person with this sort of “power” (if you can call it that) surely complicates matters going forward. For one, it means that nobody in the school is really safe anymore. Then, you also have to add to that her relationship with Derek. The guy’s not always easy to feel sorry for, but don’t you have to feel bad for him with this in mind?

While the lack of Deucalion this week was somewhat depressing, we like to think having the knowledge of this information more than made up for it. It did at least help set the stage even further for a pretty phenomenal showdown that is going to be happening with the midseason finale. This buildup may have been slow and exhausting at times, but the payoff could very much be worth it. If not, we’ll have a few months worth of constant frustration on our hands.

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Photo: MTV

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