‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: First details on spin-off show revealed

SupernaturalWe’ve been waiting for some time to finally uncover some early details on the “Supernatural” spin-off show, and we at least know one detail set in stone already: The setting. To think, we really are getting pretty far away from the world of Sam and Dean Winchester driving around in a muscle car in the middle of nowhere.

Instead, we’re heading to the Windy City! It was confirmed today by The CW that this highly-promoted spin-off series is going to be set in Chicago, and thus feature all new adventures in the world of humans and monsters.

What remains a mystery for now is save for the one new character that has been confirmed, will someone from the existing “Supernatural” universe be stopping by? It really makes sense that someone would, given that you want to launch a new show in as successful of a manner as possible. Having Misha Collins, for example, move Castiel to Chicago would provide an instant audience for the show, while also giving him a more substantial role and allow for a premise that could bring in people who have never ever seen “Supernatural” before.

This spin-off, regardless of who is in it or what the story is about, will air as a backdoor pilot as a part of the spring season. Basically, it’s just like what The CW did with “The Originals,” except with a flagship show that has been around longer, and with fans that may be the most passionate out of any show on TV.

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Photo: The CW

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