‘The Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: Are Brooks Forester, Desiree Hartsock really over?

DesireeOn Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” we had what was clearly one of the most-dramatic final three episodes that we have seen in many years. While Drew Kenney and Chris Siegfried basically informed Desiree Hartsock that they loved her beyond a shadow of a doubt, she doesn’t feel the same way about them. This really puts us in a very interesting position as viewers: Without Brooks Forester around, there is no frontrunner. Therefore, we’re going into this episode next week without an understanding of what is going to happen.

Is Desiree going to allow either Drew or Chris to propose? It doesn’t sound like it, though it does feel like she is going to be entering the end of the journey with them both still around, but what we are sure everyone wants to know at this point is this: Is there a way in which Brooks could return and try to make things right?

One piece of evidence related to the show itself is simply this: The edit. If Brooks was not going to return, why would ABC show us that Desiree didn’t have the right feelings for the other two guys? They would be in some ways spoiling their own ending before it happens. Just from the quotes out there that there is some sort of happy ending to this season, we can’t imagine that it will be her breaking the hearts of two guys who clearly have feelings for her, and then not having anyone herself at the very end.

All we know right now is that ABC has to love the position that they’re in to draw big ratings and dollar signs for an episode of what has otherwise been an extremely-dull season. In the middle of all the drama, this is really the only thing we’re buying as an enormous deal.

Do you think that Desiree is going to have the ideal ending to this season? If you want to read our full review for Monday’s episode and some more news, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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