‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 5 review: Dr. Vogel brings Dexter and Deb together

Dexter and Deb, closer again - This week’s “Dexter” was entitled “This Little Piggy,” and it turns out that there was a pretty important (but also very creepy) reason why: We ended up over the course of the hour learning the procedure of what the Brain Surgeon Yates does to some of his victims before sending them to an early grave.

The end of this story was mostly interesting in that it marks what was basically a pretty drab storyline, given that Yates was never someone that we were meant to really take seriously as the Big Bad of the season. What is interesting instead is that this season brought us the introduction of a Big Good/Bad in Dr. Evelyn Vogel, who perhaps may be the most manipulative person the show has seen to date in many regards.

What makes her a great character goes way beyond Charlotte Rampling’s portrayal, but this manipulative quality translates to mean that we never know what deck she’s playing with. She lures psychopaths in and gain their trust, leading to bad things being able to happen to them. Dexter killing Yates tonight was one example, but is Dexter next? There is still something very coincidental about her arrival in Miami, and while we like that she follows the Desmond Hume tradition in rocking out to “Play Your own Kind of Music,” she also has the notes on Dexter that were shown to us for a reason.

In the end, she’s brought Dexter and Deb closer together for a time, to the point where he values her over some awkward date that Jamie has tried to set up Dexter with. He managed to yet again get himself out of a sticky situation, but is someone going to figure this out? We imagine so, given that Quinn was also at the dinner, and he knows full well that there are only so many things that can “come up.”

Even if we didn’t love the Brain Surgeon, we still love this episode, even if the Masuka story could end up bordering on cheesy if his daughter just turns out to be a money vacuum. We don’t need to see someone in his family screw him over the same way that he is constantly rejected by romantic pursuits.

What is your take on this “Dexter” episode? To check out a preview for next week and to read some other content related to the show, be sure to just head on over to the link here.

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