‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 6 preview: Does Quinn know a certain secret?

DexterFor much of the run of “Dexter” so far, one of the few things that Dexter Morgan has been able to take some solace in is the fact that he has been able to keep a great percentage of his life a secret … at least that oh-so important part where he murders people on a table, chops them up into little pieces, and then sends them out to sea. Really, the only person who has been able to figure out that much is Deb.

But could that be changing? If nothing else, Quinn seems to definitely be starting to at least put together some of the pieces. He was close to figuring this out several years ago, but stopped himself from really thinking that way thanks to the love he had for Deb. This could end up being a whole lot of nothing, or a whole lot of something substantial; it really all just depends on whether we’re looking at a red herring story. (“Dexter” has been good with planting these all season.)

Another interesting concept thrown in here is the notion of whether or the code can be transferred from one person to another. Does Dexter really believe it could help young people in his position, or does he like the “special” feeling that he has thanks to it? This is something that he and Dr. Vogel are about to come at odds over, and these two are starting to do this enough to make a living at it. Just imagine how effective they could be if they got along.

What do you think is going to happen on what could be a bloody-good “Dexter” next week? If you want to check out our full review of Sunday night’s episode (which will be up overnight), and also read some other scoop from the show, be sure to click here!

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