‘Big Brother 15’ review: Did Aaryn keep her deal with Helen?

AarynWith Aaryn in power in the “Big Brother 15” house, things are going to be interesting. She made a deal with Helen that if she helps her stay that she will evict whoever Helen wants if she wins the HOH. Will she keep her deal with Helen? Let’s see.

Deal with the Devil: Two days before Kaitlin’s eviction, Helen told Aaryn that she wanted Spencer and Howard on the block. Now that Aaryn’s in power, it would be an incredibly smart move to uphold the deal since she’s on an island at this point. Jessie tells Candice (who in turn tells Howard) about the deal Helen made with Aaryn, making everyone very nervous. Candice confronts Helen about the deal with Aaryn and Helen suspects Elissa leaked the deal to the other side of the house. Helen is starting to worry that Elissa’s going to ruin her game and says that if Aaryn puts Elissa up that she can’t vote Elissa out but that she wouldn’t be upset if she left.

Howard and Spencer: Aaryn sits down with Spencer and tells him that she had to make a deal to stay in the house (she later told Howard too) and Spencer tells her that other people will make her better deals (but didn’t offer her one). Later Howard tells her that this is her opportunity to shake up the main alliance (but doesn’t offer her a deal either). Bad game move boys.

McCrae and Amanda: During a bath, Amanda and McCrae tell each other they love each other. Seems to be a real relationship here that could last beyond the Big Brother house.

Have/Have not competition: Instead of giving Aaryn the power to chose the have/have nots for the week like last time, they have to get into teams and stack objects as fast as they can and who ever completes it first gets an advantage in the second part of the competition. The second part of the challenge is that they have to re-stack the items back on the shelf in the original potions (the team that won got a picture of some of the items on the shelf). Really this was just a big product placement for “Unforgettable” airing after Big Brother… something that is always annoying in these shows. So who are the have nots for the week? GinaMarie, Judd, Amanda and Candice.

Nominations: Aaryn kept her word to Helen and nominated Howard and Spencer, now we just have to wait for America to nominate the third.

Were you surprised to see Aaryn keep her deal with Helen? Do you think she made the right choice? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought about the “Big Brother” nominations tonight. If you’re looking for more “Big Brother 15” news you can get your fix here.

Photo: CBS

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