‘The Amazing Race Canada’ preview: Holly & Brett’s subtle sabotage

Are they the team to beat? -Last week in talking about “The Amazing Race Canada,” we labeled Holly & Brett as clearly one of the teams to beat. Not only are they in at least reasonably good shape physically, their heads are in the game. They studied Vancouver before landing in the city, and on Monday’s new episode, they are going to try and do whatever they can to get a leg up on the competition.

In the preview video below, you see the two shrewdly doing whatever they can to hide the maps of Calgary for all of the other teams, and they also have to be rather thrilled that the rodeo cowboys are no longer in the competition, given that they know this city inside an out.

Before we do anything else, let’s consult our “Amazing Race” history (which includes more than 20 seasons in America, two in Australia, and parts of the Asia series) to answer a question that immediately came to our mind: Is this legal in the race? If you remember back several seasons ago, Mark & Michael received a penalty for sabotaging a challenge that was on the race, and making it harder on all of the other teams. The difference between this and that is simple: This isn’t a task on the race, it’s just part of an airport. There are other maps located in this general vicinity, and all these two are doing is using their brains in order to get a slight advantage. We really don’t know why more teams don’t try this, unless there really is some rule in the American show that bans it. (To us, this is no different than just deliberately stealing another team’s taxi, and part of the competitive fun of the show.)

Oh, and we’re totally cheering more for these doctors after this stunt, mostly because we love it when teams really embrace the show and play to win rather than just laze around and fight with each other.

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Photo: CTV

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