‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 5 preview: Are Dexter and Deb teaming up again?

DexterThe pendulum just keeps on swinging when it comes to Dexter and Debra Morgan. On last week’s all new “Dexter” season 8 episode, we saw the tension rise between the two of them so much that she tried something that really only can be described as “desperate”: Trying to drown both of them in order to keep herself from saving him. That would’ve one worked too, had it not been for one meddling good-doer.

So where do they go from here? The road to forgiveness, this time for Deb, could be a pretty rocky one. Following the kidnapping of Dr. Vogel on tomorrow’s new episode, she is going to approach Dexter with a proposal that could not be any more simpler: Work with her, and the two will use their combined information to find her. The problem? The last time the two did anything together, Dexter found himself in a pretty unusual position. He’s not so keen on teaming up with her at first.

However, it seems like Deb’s actually able to change his mind, and with some honesty to boot. She realized through that incident that she really can’t live without Dexter and will always choose to protect him, and thus she wants to try and work with him to figure out the woman who planted this notion in her brain. Dexter also tells her that he doesn’t hate her, which is a pretty nice thing to do considering that Deb said the opposite to him earlier this season. Apparently, bitterness is not a trait of the serial killer.

We’ll have another sneak peek for this episode for you tomorrow; meanwhile, be sure to also click here for proof that Dexter is going to get himself set up on a pretty awkward date tomorrow night.

Photo: Showtime

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