‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: The return of a familiar room

NCISWhile we’ve written quite a bit lately in the realm of “NCIS” and Cote de Pablo-related Trending Topics (which has remained popular this weekend), we’re focusing back today on something more concrete related to the show: There is early evidence that the first few episodes of season 11 are going to still feel very familiar, regardless of what happens with Ziva. There will continue to be deaths, there will continue to be mysteries, and thanks to that, there will once again be necessary visits to a certain autopsy room.

Do you want to know more? Then just check out some confirmation about this very thing courtesy of Brian Dietzen on Twitter:

“First day of filming in autopsy today. Always great to work with the incomparable David McCallum. #NCIS”

This is turning out already to be a big and very rewarding summer for Dietzen, beginning with the long-deserving news that he is finally a series regular. This really should have happened sooner (and just about everyone alive knows it), but he now has some of that job security that has really alluded him for quite a long time now.

The first few episodes of season 11 are going to fulfill a couple of major purposes: Showing what happens to turn Gibbs into a sniper, giving us some impression of what Ziva and Tony have been up to in their time away, and then in turn setting the tone for Cote’s departure. Once all of these pieces have been put together, then the show will probably settle back into a little bit more of a familiar rhythm., but even when things are going a little insane, still be aware that there are going to be several aspects of production (like autopsies) that just won’t change.

If you want to read more “NCIS” scoop related to Cote, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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