‘Big Brother 15′: Kaitlin Barnaby will not defend Aaryn Gries’ racism

KaitlinAnother contestant has been eliminated from “Big Brother 15,” and so this is another opportunity for us to hear just what they have to say for themselves over some of the nasty comments that came out during their time in the house. There have been racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks made, and while Kaitlin Barnaby is not to blame for all or even most of them, she did have a few incidents (remember “black Candice”), and also laughed at many of the slurs that Aaryn Gries made over the course of her time in the house.

So what does she have to say for herself now? Speaking after her exit to Zap2It, she tried to explain her entire incident with Candice as her going along with something that was already established by Candice, and refused to defend either Aaryn or GinaMarie for anything that they said:

“There were parts of that that I was unaware of and I was shocked that that’s even in Aaryn and GinaMarie’s personalities. To my comment, Candice was always joking around that she had a ‘white side’ and a ‘black side’ to her because she’s mixed [race]. The night she was getting upset, that’s the only reason I said that. It was not derogatory in any way. Candice and I are on great terms. It was definitely inappropriate on Aaryn and GinaMarie’s behalf, I’m not defending them at all. There were definitely times when I told them to put that to bed, but then there are other times when you just kind of awkwardly laugh through it. I was definitely guilty by association.”

There is still clearly two words missing from Kaitlin right now (at least in this interview) that would probably go a long way towards helping her: “I’m sorry.” She may not be the primary culprit, but her involvement, as she said, still makes her a part of the problem.

Granted, it is still early in her life after the house, and it may take a little bit of time for everything that has happened to simmer down a little bit. Obviously, she’s still in game mode by saying that she would go back if asked.

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Photo: CBS

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